Cult Girls Film

Independent Film

I previously worked with Mark Bakaitis covering a conference and other music video, so when he was filming and directing his own movie I was glad that he called me to document behind the scenes and take the stills required for marketing and promotion.

Mark managed to assemble a very interesting team including very powerful actors in a dark story that was very interesting to discover.

As the script was not 100% developed, I could only grasped glimpses of the storyline.
Though conversations with Mark, Saara, Dean, and the cult girls I created my own narrative of what was happening to produce some of these shots.
Other photographs were captured during the filming, so I just needed to be quiet and wait for the moment when the director said "cut". To jump in and recreate the scene for the stills.

All actors were extremely cooperative and I believe we forged a good relationship, which has extended to other collaborations

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  • Australia
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  • (2015-2017) Screen 2019
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