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Making my best to bring you something a bit different.

P-O-L-O - Pro Photographer

There is nothing new under the sun.

In one way or another, everything has been done before by someone else who also took it from someone else.
Because when something is "really" new, it's hard for people to "get it".
What I can aspire as an artist, at best, is to push the boundaries a bit more and bring you a different perspective or approach to a topic that already exists.
I'm a photographer in the sense that I selected photography as my medium of expression. Not because I take or make photographs.

My ideal scenario is to convey a concept with every single picture or with my work.
I prefer that my audience discover new things as they engage with the images, and ideally, they fill out the gaps with their own narrative instead of telling the whole story.
So where is my "originality", as many photographers do just the same?
Maybe there is none.
I'm just in a quest to bring you a different angle, a way to group a series under a concept or even present ordinary things in a way that sparks some emotion in you.
My goal is that you see something that you are not expecting.

Polo is a Mexican-Australian Photographer living in Melbourne since 2009.
His career started at university, where he distinguished himself in documentary and capturing candids during events.
As part of his professional life as a marketing specialist, he often produced the images required by his clients for their branding and advertising campaigns.
On the side, he developed personal projects exploring artistic representations of everyday life and events.
He has had a couple of solo exhibitions, and his photographs have been acquired by collectors in Mexico, USA, France and Australia.